Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs

Achieve Project – For Young People with Learning Disabilities


for young people with Special Needs and Learning Disabilities

Who are we?

Based in Luton, and launched in November 2015, our Achieve Project  aims to support between 40 and 45 young people, each year, with special needs and disabilities from Luton and surrounding areas as they transition from school into the wider community and towards independence. These young people are at risk from bullying, discrimination, lack of opportunity and choice.


This group of young people are among the most deprived and discriminated against groups in our society, 1 in 4 say they have no friends at all. less than 1 in 5 have any form of employment and they are excluded from many opportunities that others take for granted.


The Achieve Project is working with 8 Special & Mainstream Secondary Schools and two Further Education Colleges as referral partners. This exciting initiative is unique in it’s approach, and we are already seeing great outcomes from the Lottery and BBC Children in Need.



How do we work?

Each young person is supported for up to two years by trained peer and peer plus volunteers working in a unique cluster support model, developing supportive relationships for a couple of terms before leaving school or college and then journeying with them for a year or more after leaving.

We include training and skills development, person-centred planning and work with each young person to help them develop towards independence, employment, inclusion and to achieve their real potential.



How can I get involved?

To query how you can get involved with the Achieve Project –  whether it’s a referral, volunteering opportunities, or another type of involvement – please contact Michelle Sharpe (Achieve Project Manager) on 07427 851576, or e-mail






Achieve 100 Funding Campaign 

We are seeking 100 companies based in Bedfordshire to support the project on a monthly donation basis.

We are looking for:

10 companies to donate £100 per month

20 companies to donate £50 per month

30 companies to donate £30 per month 

40 companies to donate £10 – £29 per month