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Aspire Project – For Young People at Risk of Offending


for Young People at Risk of Offending or




Who are we?

School exclusion can often lead young people into a spiral of unhelpful relationships and poor role models, which they can find difficult to escape. The Aspire programme will work with referrals from schools, colleges and from police and social services to offer positive role models and experiences to help those young people move forward in their lives and be the best they can be.

Some young people struggle with school type environments and the programme will use person centred approaches to find ways of engaging each young person in ways that offer a better pathway and the help to take it.


We are delighted to have a the support and endorsement from David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire and are working with a development team comprising police and social services staff, schools and other referrers.


How can I get involved?

For queries on how you can get involved with the Aspire Project, please contact Jon Corr (Aspire Project Manager) on 07841 470382, or e-mail


Aspire 100 Funding Campaign 

We are seeking 100 companies based in Hertfordshire to support the project on a monthly donation basis.


We are looking for:

10 companies to donate £100 per month;

20 companies to donate £50 per month

30 companies to donate £30 per month and

40 companies to donate £10 – £29 per month