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Attain Project – For Young People Leaving Care


for young people leaving care

youth at risk

Young people leaving care have enormous challenges to face and all too often are left to do that at the age of eighteen – just when they need the caring supporting relationships that should be part of family life. The state is statistically a poor parent and young people in care are more likely to offend, to take drugs, to harm themselves and to suffer from depression – including those with special needs.


The Attain programme will work with referrals from carers and care agencies, including fostering agencies and children’s homes to provide the support these young people need to make good choices about work and education, relationships and community – and to give them a better chance to succeed in life.


Where possible, we work with Young People BEFORE they leave their care situation. By providing friendship, support and mentoring, we help them move forward towards a happier and more productive future.


If you would like to be involved with the Attain Project, please contact Vanessa Leroux, Project Manager, on