Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs



We welcome donations in any amount or type:

We promise to use every penny to best effect.

  • from foreign change/notes left over from your holiday
  • one off donations
  • standing orders or direct debits
  • bequeath of assets / money from an estate

Please use the donation buttons or contact us and feel free to stipulate how you would like your donation to be used, or leave it to our Board of Trustees / CEO to decide on which services need most support.

At this point in our development we are a local charity entirely dependent on donations. Your support makes a real and substantial difference to us.

Thank you!!


We support some of the most multiply disadvantaged young people in our community and provide positive support, mentoring, befriending and life planning. These are young people who are often stuck in their situation because they lack the support and resources to move forward and make a positive transition to a better, happier and more productive life. Your support will help them to get unstuck from the stuff that holds them back and release them to achieve their full potential. Please help if you can!!!


  • £2,000 will provide year round support for one young person on our programmes
  • £1,000 will support the Charity and everything we do for five days
  • £100 will provide a young person with two weeks of classroom input alongside skills development and social and community based recreational or employment opportunities.
  • £50 provides a cluster activity for four young people for a day.
  • We deliver fantastic support that changes young lives for under £10 per hour all in!!
  • Every £1 makes a real difference

We are currently seeking funding for our Summer Support programme and need £3,000 to support 20 young people to access a range of activities and support in the crucial period after leaving school.