Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs

The A – Z of Fundraising Ideas


When it comes to Fundraising, there are so many different options! You can take part in something that’s already going on, or you can plan something on your own – but coming up with some ideas can be tricky! Take a look at some of our ideas, from A – Z!


A is for… AUCTION!

Gather together some great prizes, donated from local businesses, unwanted gifts, or maybe even a service you can offer! You’d be amazed how much someone would pay for you to mow their lawn or wash their dishes!


B is for… BAG PACKING!

Gather some willing volunteers and get permission from your local supermarket to help pack the bags of shoppers! Keep a bucket by the till, and then Shoppers can then donate what they think your services were worth!


C is for… CAR BOOT SALE!

Advertise to your family and friends that you will take any unwanted clothes, toys, furniture etc.. off their hands, and sell them at your local car boot sale, with the proceeds going to Transitions UK! Car Boot Sales can be a great place to meet people, and to pick up a bargain!


D is for… DINNER!

Organise or attend a dinner in aid of Transitions UK! Throughout the year, we have many sit-down dinner events, which usually involve a 3-course meal, entertainment, a raffle and an auction!


E is for…EBAY!

Selling unwanted items on eBay can be a great and easy way of raising money for charity! You can even have items go to AUCTION, and watch the bids climb!


F is for… FIREWALK!

The key is to keep moving! Transitions UK has organised a few Firewalks, and will organise more in the coming months! It involves raising sponsorship for walking along a pathway of hot coals – definitely something that’s on a lot of people’s bucket lists.


G is for… GOLF DAY!

Whether you organise your own, or attend a Transitions Golf Day, these are really good fun – even if you’re not a confident golfer! There are so many beautiful golf courses around, and Transitions tries to organise a few of these a year, so keep an eye out!


H is for… HIKING!

Hiking and Treks for charity give you the opportunity to do something and go places that you wouldn’t ordinarily do or go, with some great people! We are going to Ben Nevis in June 2018, and there will be many more all over the world!



Celebrate different cultures for charity! Transitions UK has organised a Spanish Evening and a Mexican Night in the past, but why not throw your own charity International Evening? It could be themed around the USA, Italy, or anywhere you’d like!


J is for… JAILBREAK!

Transitions UK have a few jailbreaks a year, which involves being locked in a jail cell with other ‘criminals’, and raising your bail by making phonecalls to loved ones and your contacts! It’s a great experience, and you get to meet some really interesting people.



Who doesn’t love a bit of Karaoke?! Charge people to enter Karaoke competitions, and have each of the singers judged by a panel or the audience – great fun!



Get all of your girls round for a fun evening IN! Pass around a pot, and ask your friends to donate what they would usually spend on a night out – because you can have an equally good time in!


M is for… MARATHON!

There are so many marathons that you can sign up for, and so many ways you can run one! People often dress up, run as a group, or just because they’re a keen runner! Sign up for a marathon, and raise money for Transitions UK!



Charge £1 per person to come into school wearing their every day clothes! You can even do this in an office, and tell people to ditch the suits for a day and come in wearing their comfies!



These are great fun! Climb, Crawl, Wade, Jump, Swim, Slide… all whilst raising money



Run a sweepstake for an upcoming event, have a darts or pool competition… any way to get your locals involved in some fun, fundraising activities. It also helps to spread the charity’s awareness.

R is for… RACE NIGHTS!

Race Nights can be really good fun! Quite a lot of pubs have experience running these, so speak to your local and ask them to help you to plan, market and execute the evening! You can even organise for a raffle and other games to help raise a little extra.

S is for… SKYDIVE!

A skydive is definitely on a lot of people’s bucket list, and what better reason to do it than for a fantastic charity?! Speak to Transitions UK today to book yours – you could jump on your own, with a friend, or as a group.

T is for…TOMBOLA!

Tombolas are a great way of raising money quickly! All you need is an already organised event, a whole bunch of prizes and some willing volunteers!


This is especially effective after Christmas where people may have been bought duplicate gifts – or even something that they just really don’t like! Ask around your friends, family and colleagues – you’d be surprised how many things you can collect up!

V is for…VINTAGE!

Vintage clothes, furniture and accessories are quite popular, and wouldn’t go amiss at a craft fair! Ask people you know for donations, and set up shop!

W is for… WHEELBARROW RACES (and other silly games!)

Remember back to Primary School Sports Days? Wheelbarrow races, Egg & Spoon Race, Tug of War… organise a family fun day with all of these silly games to help raise money and awareness for Transitions UK!

X is for… X-MAS FAIR!

Although this is only really a seasonal option, Christmas Fairs are all around, and easy to get involved with! Whether you sell handmade Christmas Cards or Crafts, Mince Pies, or Stocking Fillers, get into the Christmas Spirit and give back!


The ‘Year to Remember’ Challenge is increasingly popular! It involves trying something new or doing something that scares you every month – whether it’s something planned or spontaneous! Maybe in May, you do a Tandem Skydive, and then in June, you decide to swim the equivalent of the Channel – you can mix it up and do the things you’ve always wanted to do, all whilst gaining sponsorship for Transitions UK!

Z is for… ZIPWIRE!

For all of your adrenaline junkies out there, a Zipwire Challenge is a fantastic experience, and a great excuse to raise some sponsorship money.



We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to get fundraising for Transitions UK! If you have any other ideas, please share them with us!