Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs

Case Studies and Testimonials

Achieve project

Here are just some of the comments and testimonials from our Achieve project:


Laura BarryLaura Barry – young person

I get to make new friends who have similar interests. I like taking part in the different activities and learning new things at the same time. I really like getting to cook with my group. I come to the Achieve Project because I like to learn to be a more independent person.




Therhea Dumpleton-GrayTherhea Dumpleton-Gray – Volunteer

I began volunteering as it is something to do that will also look good on my cv.  Since I have joined, I’ve realised how much I like getting to know new people. I also see how it can benefit the young person. I enjoy it so much that I have even brought friends along to become volunteers too and managed to be volunteer of the month in April



Jason's ParentsMick and Jenny Malone – Parents

Jason really enjoys the Transitions UK Achieve Project and he looks forward to attending the sessions with his group. Its great for him as because he is learning and making friends which is important for him as he transitions. It gets him out of the house too! 



Philip Line

Head of Pastoral & Community Cohesion, Putteridge High School.

“Students at our school have loved becoming involved with this project, it has given them the chance to make new friends and learn new skills. In this sometimes difficult time of transition from school to college, Transitions UK is doing a great job to support these young people.”



Luke Collins (2)Luke relied on Mum for transport and when he started with Achieve/Transitions UK we initially arranged support to pick him up and drop him off. We then put a package of support and training with our volunteers and Luke now travels independently to all sessions by bus, and is gaining in confidence to do more things for himself.





Stefan wants to attend Barnfield Tech College in September to study multi-skills. The initial subject predictions meant that he needed to be assessed and when he went along for the assessment he panicked and walked out. Mum arranged a new assessment and Transitions UK supported Stefan through the process. Stefan has now been accepted onto an E3 multi-skills course.



Aspire project

Aspire is a fairly newly launched project, working with young people at risk of offending and re-offending. Here are just some of the case studies of the young people we are supporting


Jason, 15

Jason was brought to our attention by Stevenage education support centre he has had behaviour issues in the past and was excluded from school then enrolled in to north Hertfordshire pupil referral unit.

Jason witnessed domestic violence against his mother throughout his upbringing and has struggled since, he sees himself as the family protector for his mother, two brothers and sister. His problems come from loss of self-control, if he sees something he feels is morally wrong or a direct threat to himself or his family, Jason will use physical violence as protection and a coping mechanism.

Jason also has ASD making him vulnerable to the wrong crowd. After an initial assessment Jason’s dream is to pass his GCSE’s to enable him to either join the army or begin an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

We have placed Jason on a person centred plan to enable him to reach his dream and keep him on the right track to passing his GCSE’s. Jason still has a long way to go but he is now successfully turning his life around at this critical stage of growth, he’s working hard and although we’ve had and are expecting more setbacks he is dedicated to achieve the goals we and he have set.