Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs


Here are our regular FAQs (frequently asked questions):

What is a learning disability?

A learning disability is a limitation of intellectual and sometimes social processing caused by a developmental or genetic or traumatic issue, including illness.


Why are so many young people experiencing mental health and emotional needs?

The answers to that are very complex and include changes in society and family life and structures as well as increasing peer and social pressures. What we do know is that the incidence in the UK is worryingly high and leads to self-harm, depression, suicide and drop out.


Can I refer myself or my child directly to the charity?

Yes you can. Please contact us and we will answer your immediate questions and explain the options to you. Where we believe we can help we will arrange an initial assessment, normally in your home or place of residence.


Is the service free?

In most cases we make a small charge towards the overall costs, typically 20% or less of the full cost of providing that service. However, please discuss your specific situation with us: we will always do our best to help.