Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs

Our Trustees

Transitions UK has six Trustees, with one more under application:

Andrew Sykes trusteesAndrew Sykes – Chairman of Trustees

Andrew Sykes is Chairman of the RHG Insurance group – a substantial insurance and investment company which he set up and developed himself over 20 years. He has a BA in insurance administrations and qualifications in business studies and IT. He has extensive contacts and a very strong reputation across the region for quality of the company’s staff and products. He is very committed to youth work and supports and volunteers for a community boating association with similar groups. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of Rotary, and a freeman of London.


Zee Razaq – Charity Treasurer

Zee is a qualified accountant, and runs Certax Accounting, a Harpenden based accounting business. He has been with us only for a few months and is making a fantastic contribution to the charity’s internal accounting and works closely with Ron Overton, our Chief Executive to ensure we have the right information to make good decisions about the Charity’s future development.

Zee is very keen to help support the vision of Transitions UK and is enthusiastic about helping young people in ways that change their lives – and loves the very diverse pool of volunteers as well as beneficiaries that we work with.


Chris Wright,

Chris has a BSC in electrical engineering and has an impressive track record of business launch and development . He rose to the rank of Colonel in the army and has used his leadership and team building skills to develop his businesses- including a consultancy business helping others to do so. He is well connected and happy to leverage those connections for the charity. He has a particular heart for young people and works through cricket to help young people with disabilities and other issues.



Gail Payne

Gail is an accomplished businesswoman with a background in retail and business development and brings her contacts and experience to the Board of Transitions UK. Gail has personal experience of some of the issues we are set up to address and is concerned to ensure disadvantaged young people receive the support they need.


Jean Hissey

Jean has recently retired as a school teacher and has great experience of learning disabilities and sensory impairment and advised school on an area basis in that regard. She says she has had a year off and is so pleased to have something so worthwhile to get her teeth into. Jean takes a particular interest in the Achieve Project and advises the Board on its development.

Want to join us?

We are still looking to add two or three other highly motivated and committed Trustees to the Board. Please get in touch if you believe that might be you.