Transitions UK – Supporting disadvantaged youth at risk aged 14 to 25 yrs

Our Vision

Our Mission

We want to make a significant positive impact upon the lives of disadvantaged 14-25 year-olds in the UK (who are struggling with  a range of personal and social issues including poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunity).  This includes young people with learning & other disabilities, emotional & mental health issues, those leaving care  and those at risk of offending.We will provide opportunities for personal development and  support an effective transition to a productive and happy adult life using innovative befriending and mentoring programmes.


Our Vision

  • We want to live in a nation that provides young people with the best possible opportunities for a positive and productive life that in turn benefits those people whose lives they touch, including their own children and families.
  • We want young people to have an alternative to the disillusion and powerlessness that so many feel; to be engaged in the process of positive change personally and socially.
  • We want our nation as a whole to be a force for good in working with other nations to encourage those same values across our increasingly populated and increasingly small yet needy world.
  • We believe it is possible to change the future of our nation and world: to give young people what they need to change their own world and to positively affect the lives of those they touch and with whom they share. Our vision is to make that happen.

Our Values

Affirming and Positive

Honest and Transparent

Mutually accountable

Determined and Persistent

Committed to Quality and Excellence

Tolerant and Understanding

Person-centred and respectful

Committed to Partnership and Joint working