Achieve Project Case Studies

Achieve supports young people with Learning Disabilities, using a balance of expert co-ordination and management, with proven relational support models to encourage skills acquisition, personal development and independence.


Tom’s Story

Tom has a passion for buses and trains, and is keen to travel independently. Following Travel Training sessions within the Achieve Project, Tom helped Michelle and Katie organise a train trip to Brighton over the summer of 2018.

Having also worked with Tom on his self-confidence and independence, he is now successfully travelling to the project independently by bus. He takes responsibility for calling his parents to tell them that he’s arrived safely, without having to be reminded by the project staff.


Chris’ Story

Chris has been attending the Achieve Project for around 1 year, as of late 2018. When Chris was first referred to the Achieve Project, it was highlighted that he was very lonely, and had no friends or any social interaction.

During his time on the project, Chris has built his confidence, and can now very proudly say that he now has 12 friends in total, all of whom attended a birthday BBQ that he threw at his house.


Ben’s Story

The Achieve Project has been supporting Ben with some voluntary work experience at a local restaurant. During this time, we have worked with Ben on his self confidence, and helping him to practise the skills that he needs to carry out the tasks in the restaurant.

Michelle, our Achieve Project Manager, has met with the restaurant manager to work a plan for Louis to ensure that we are able to support him effectively.

The Achieve Project are planning on having their end of year dinner at the restaurant in support of Ben and his role.


Oliver’s story

Oliver (now 21) came to Transitions UK 2 years ago, having just started a catering course at college. His confidence was low, and he suffered anxieties which meant he was not fulfilling his true potential.

Transitions UK supported him and allowed him to build on his employability, catering, and communication skills.

Back in April 2018, Oliver organised and executed a fundraiser dinner for Transitions UK, where he led a team of young people in the kitchen to cater for around 50 people.

He now lives away from home, working a seasonal job in the Isle of Wight, which he loves! He also enjoys coming home to catch up with his friends from Transitions UK, and getting involved with volunteering opportunities.

We have avoided using pictures of those mentioned to respect their privacy