For Young People at Risk of Criminal Exploitation or Offending.

The Aspire Project currently works in three hubs across Hertfordshire and North London, in Stevenage, Watford and Enfield. As funding increases we plan to open new hubs and replicate the project into other areas. We currently support 25-30 young people from Year 9 upwards, and work to help them find a better trajectory, especially to avoid gaining a criminal record and blight the rest of their lives.

If we can prevent just one young person from attending a youth offending institution it will not only change their life, it will also save the public purse £140,000 - more than twice the cost of the whole project!

School exclusion can often lead young people into a spiral of unhelpful relationships and poor role models, which they can find difficult to escape. Where you live and who you know can also have a massive impact. Local gangs exploit vulnerable young people all too often. Getting a criminal record, even by association, can blight a young persons whole life. The Aspire programme works with referrals from schools, colleges and from police and social services to offer positive role models and experiences to help those young people move forward in their lives and be the best they can be.

Some young people struggle with school type environments and the programme uses person centred approaches to find ways of engaging each young person in ways that offer a better pathway and provide the help to take it. 

We have a steering and advisory group which is working with a development team comprising police and social services staff, schools and other referrers as well as the young people themselves.

How does it work?

Each young person is initially assessed and we develop with them a person centred life plan for at least the next two years. We then match carefully trained volunteer mentors appropriate to their personality, interests and ambitions - usually allocating a support team of up to three mentors of different ages and appropriate life experience to each young person. Each young person receives around 6 hours per week of support, averaged across the year.

We flex the amount and nature of the support to work with the individuals developing needs and work with family members, friends and agencies ( including school and social services as well as police) to support the best outcomes for each young person.

Regular skills development, personal mentoring and behaviour and relational reinforcement help the young person achieve a positive trajectory and lifestyle in the community and address behavioural and relational issues specifically.


How can I get involved?

We need to deploy around 75 volunteers each giving around 2 hours of their time each week. We also need work taster and apprenticeship opportunities from businesses, as well as other training and support inputs. For queries on how you can get involved with the Aspire Project, as a mentor, please contact Radhika Dattani (Aspire Project Manager) on 07841 470382, or e-mail

Aspire 100 Funding Campaign 

We are seeking 100 companies based in Hertfordshire and Enfield to support the project on a monthly donation basis.

We are looking for:

10 companies to donate £100 per month;

20 companies to donate £50 per month

30 companies to donate £30 per month and

40 companies to donate £10 – £29 per month