Aspire Project Case Studies

The Aspire Project supports young people who are at Risk of Criminal Exploitation or Offending, providing them with healthy alternatives to the toxic lifestyles they are getting into.

We work to model positive behaviours and to provide alternative patterns of relationships by encouraging good choices and personal aspiration.


Jason’s story

Jason is 14 years old, and has an abusive father with a criminal record, who is a negative influence upon his life. Having being drawn into a local gang, Jason was on the verge of acquiring a criminal record himself, for drug trafficking and money handling.

Our mentors worked to draw Jason out of the local gang, and are supporting a positive trajectory, and one which we hope will avoid further interaction with the police. It’s not going to be easy, but we are determined to ensure that Jason can have a more positive life and future.


ellie’s story

Ellie is just 15 years old, has massively low confidence and self-esteem , and comes from a very dysfunctional family. She is all too easily drawn into the local gang in her area – and sometimes the experience of young girls in gangs can be somewhat scarring.

We have chosen Ellie’s mentors very carefully to work with her confidence and self-esteem in a warm and supportive way, and providing alternative relationships to those she’s had within the gang or at home.


Andrew’s story

Andrew was referred to us from a mainstream school and comes from a fairly well to do middle class family. The referral was because Andrew was increasingly disruptive and aggressive at school and was known to be spending more and more time with young people from the local gang.

Andrew was dealing with a number of issues at home that he felt angry about and frustrated but didn’t feel able to talk to anyone.

We are working with Andrew to avoid him getting into trouble and even gain a criminal record because of stuff he didn’t initiate and doesnt know how to deal with.