Attain Project

Case Studies

Attain is a Milton Keynes based project that supports young people who are leaving their care situation. We offer this support before, during and after they leave, through mentoring and skills development.


Lia’s Story

Referred by MKC Lia is a wonderful young lady who is very vulnerable with autism and a personality disorder as well as social anxiety. Lia loves animals and would like to become an equine apprenticeship. Her dream is to also attend a concert.

Lia has been matched with an animal business owner whose children have autism so the mentor has a lot of local knowledge on accessing autism specialist social activities. The mentor also has several contacts and friends within the equine industry and knows how to link Lia into an equine apprenticeship.

Initials plans are to work on Lia’s ability to get out socially and travel from A to B alone. We will then conduct mentoring sessions at pet stores or other animal related facilities. After this we plan to put her on an equine therapy course and then move long term to start giving work taster sessions at an equine centre. This will helps us work towards the apprenticeship.

James’ Story

James a wonderfully sparky young man who wants to go to college and complete a hair dressers course. He has been diagnosed with autism and moderate learning difficulties and finds he struggles to not say what he thinks. When frustrated this results in James displaying challenging behaviour.

James is a rather clever young man despite his barriers and can take a computer apart and put it back together. He is also very creative and has a particular love of art.

James has been matched with a very calm and thoughtful influence of a mentor who himself describes having autistic tendencies which resulted in saying what he thought and how he has overcome this barrier. His mentor is also an artist with both the young man and mentor sharing a similar taste in art.

Jordan’s Story

Jordan was the eldest of her siblings and were all adopted at the same time. However, her own relationship with her adoptive parents was very fractious so her social worker helped her move to independent accommodation.

However, living independently when you are a young adult his has its difficulties and Jordan needed a mentor who could help to build a relationship and replace some of that inner voice to ensure her course work went in on time and she went to the doctors to address issues around tiredness.

He mentor is a very calm and patient lady who worked well with the project to access work experience so Jordan could ensure she passed her A Level in social care. Jordan aspires to go to university and become a social worker.

Dan’s story

Dan is 20 years old, has periods of extreme low moods and PTSD. As a care leaver he has experienced different parental figures and has struggled to link in with services to help him. His future aspirations are to work in the police force.

We were able to match Dan very carefully with his first mentor, who had worked for many years in The Army and himself has experienced PTSD. They had a very similar communication style, and this has helped them to get on well quickly, providing Dan with an experienced and supportive relationship. Dan is being given access to shadowing an officer, experience of others who have applied to work in the police force and Equine Therapy.