Attain Project

Case Studies

Attain is a Milton Keynes based project that supports young people who are leaving their care situation. All too often, these young people are left with no direction, and with very little support. The Attain Project gives these young people a chance to learn skills that will help them in their lives as independent adults, as well as finding positive trajectories.

Dan’s story

Dan is 20 years old, has periods of extreme low moods and PTSD. As a care leaver he has experienced different parental figures and has struggled to link in with services to help him. His future aspirations are to work in the police force.

We were able to match Dan very carefully with his first mentor, who had worked for many years in The Army and himself has experienced PTSD. They had a very similar communication style, and this has helped them to get on well quickly, providing Dan with an experienced and supportive relationship. Dan is being given access to shadowing an officer, experience of others who have applied to work in the police force and Equine Therapy.