Attain Project Testimonials


‘I love how much this project will help local care leavers. It has been set up better than any other project I have seen with fantastic structures in place. This will give amazing opportunities to a really disadvantaged young group. I can’t wait to refer to you and love that you have capacity to help’
— Claire from Milton Keynes College
‘On the 21st of December, I was offered to be part of a charity called Transitions UK. I remember being very tired and withdrawn when I met Vanessa, I was sceptical and confused of what the charity was about and how exactly it’d work out.

I was frightened to meet a stranger and even more scared of how I could possibly allow an individual to get to know me, as I hate talking about my life, the past of even sharing my goals in case I don’t achieve.

Now I’ve been part of Transitions UK for 5 months with my mentor Kay, who has not only inspired me but got me to believe in myself, motivate me and most importantly, Kay believes in me and my dreams.

5 months ago I didn’t think going to university, let alone finishing 6th form was achievable…. Now thanks from the support of my mentor and Transitions UK charity, I am going to university to study social work. Thank you.
— L, Attain Young Person
‘I have seen J today and she is reporting that she is getting on very well with Kay. She really appreciates that Kay is listening to her. She isn’t getting this from her parental figures at the moment so it is great to know she is getting it from someone other than just me.’
— J's Social Worker
‘My name is K and I am a care leaver on the Attain MK Project. I have found it really good as I have already had help in many areas such as job hunting, going to new places, trying new things and I have a really lovely mentor.

This is despite only being on the project for only 5 weeks, I can’t believe I have done so much already. I haven’t had anyone help me this much before’
— K, Attain Young Person
‘I’m D, and I dream of becoming a police officer. The Project helped to take part in a police ridealong which was amazing.

I saw a man get arrested and we helped a pregnant woman assaulted by her son. Shadowing a police officer helped me to be sure this is the career I wanted.

My mentor is fantastic and has worked in the army so has been a great source of support’
— D, Attain Young Person