"Achieving Greatness" - Lucy's Story

Our Achieve Project is our oldest-running project, and has supported many young people with Learning Disabilities over the years.

One of the young people we are currently supporting is a young lady called Lucy, who is 22 years old. Lucy is a keen media enthusiast, and loves writing her own screen plays. A few months ago, she decided that she’d like to write a documentary about the Achieve Project, and how it supports young people.

Lucy has written the script, and has done a really professional job. Recently, we have found a Drama & Film university student, who is coming in for a few sessions in May to support Lucy in the filming of her documentary. Not only will this give Lucy some great experience, but it will also be a huge achievement.

Lucy is a very motivated young lady, and her successful documentary will only drive this motivation. We’re hoping the documentary will be complete by the end of May. Both Lucy and Transitions UK are very excited to share the results with all of you!