Aspire Project Testimonials


“Aspire has helped me loads. Before I was on it, I was at a smaller school because I kept getting into trouble and kicked out of mainstream, even in primary.

My mentor helped me to see that I can do better for myself and now I’m back into mainstream school. I’ve got a permanent place and I’m happier. I’ve made new friends and don’t speak to the ones I got in trouble with anymore.

I know what I want to do in the future. My mentor helped me to become more confident and we worked on my anger and feelings.

I don’t get angry as much but when I do, I cope better. Before I punched walls, broke things and got aggressive to my family. Now we’re happier and joke around. I get along with my family more.”
— T, Aspire Young Person
I feel like the Aspire Project, and Steve have really helped my son! He has changed, and even though he still needs support, I’m proud of him.

He’s not as angry as he used to be, or hanging around with that group, and he is home more often. He even cooks for us. It’s like I have my son back.
— Parent of an Aspire Young Person.
My son has been better at school, as I haven’t heard from them, which is good!
— Parent of an Aspire Young Person.
He likes seeing his mentor Almarene and loves sessions. He seems more mature and has grown up a bit.

This Christmas break I was worried, but it was really nice. He has been doing well with his anger and there haven’t been any outbursts like before.
His behaviour has really improved, and I hope it stays like this! He has kept his temper down and hasn’t retaliated when wound up.

Things have improved at home and he gets on better with his siblings. Thank you for the support
— Parent of an Aspire Young Person.
“I feel Aspire has helped a lot with T, he has matured a lot and it has made him think about a few wrong decisions he has made in the past.

You’ve helped him to work hard to improve certain things to get a positive outcome i.e. friendships, relationships and thinking before he acts. It has also made it easier for him to open up and voice his opinions and feelings more, which has made a massive improvement on our home life.

Many thanks to all the team.
— Parent of a Aspire Young Person
Thank you so much for the work you have done with the boys. It has been invaluable at a time when they needed some direction.
— Emma McShannon, Chessbrook ESC