Corporate Member Clubs Core Benefits

Whichever level you are able to give at, you will receive the Core Benefits of being a corporate club member with Transitions UK. These benefits include:

  • Most importantly, you have the knowledge that you are supporting an exciting charity, which is making a real difference to this generation of young people!

  • It helps you express corporate social responsibility.

  • It is a really good piece of marketing, and helps you define your USP. It can be expressed in many ways on your literature, website and social media. e.g. “Proud to support Transitions UK”.

  • We will exchange website links and do our best to publish your support.

  • It aligns you with other supporting companies, and brings opportunities for business with them and their contacts (we will publish a list with their contact details)

  • We will provide a framed certificate for your reception area or office to show you are a valued member.

  • We will advise the people we support and their families to support you because you, in effect, support them.