for young people with Emotional and Mental Health needs

The Affirm Project hasn’t launched yet. We plan to launch this project, subject to funding, in the summer or early autumn of 2019. Ideally that will be in N London: we are talking with several north London Boroughs at present. We need donations and funding to make that possible.

Many Young People today are struggling with their own identity and wrestle with Emotional and Mental Health issues that confine them, and limit their potential. Sadly, the UK has some of the worst statistics in Europe for self -harm, depression and teenage suicide and that picture is getting worse rather than better.

Self-esteem and confidence issues and the increasing pressures of our society, including digital pressures and cyber-bullying, can lead young people to substance abuse, eating disorders and more, even suicide.

Using personal mentoring and befriending models together with skills and personal development, we will provide a ramp towards recovery and a positive personal image, along with a sense of value and potential.

Our plan is to initially work with around 25 young people. The project manager will have the appropriate skills and experience and volunteers will be carefully trained. As we prove the model and gain further funding we will roll out and replicate this project too.