We are betting you would like to help - and win/win!!


Transitions UK is part of the UNITY Lottery - a dedicated charity lottery used by hundred of charities. By playing the Lottery every week you can win prizes of up to £25,000!!! At the same time you know that 50p in every pound is going directly to help change young peple’s live and futures.

All you have to do is click the link <here> to register for the Lottery and start playing.

The money is taken from your bank account by standing order. You can stop it at any time and you are completely in control. Your details and confidentiality are assured.

We aim to have at least 1000 members by the end of 2019. That will bring in at least £24,000 p.a. and make a massive contribution to what we do - and we hope you win the £25,000 too!!

You can find out more about Unit Lottery at <http://unitylottery.co.uk>

When you are happy to play and support just click <<sign up>>