WHy we’re here

Transitions UK was formed in October 2014 and born of a real frustration that the needs of our young people are not being properly addressed, let alone met.

Our founder and CEO, Ron Overton, shared his vision to change that and was encouraged by others to get the charity off the ground and tackle those issues.  

We are hugely concerned to address the needs of what has been called a lost generation of young people and we are also anxious about the next generation of young people if we don’t do so. We identified four groups who are least well provided for and most need support.

We believe in the value and effectiveness of people and relationships. We create opportunities for young people, with help, to work together to produce positive outcomes in ways that don’t happen otherwise. We want to achieve lifelong changes and benefits for the young people we support and we do that primarily though bringing people together within a mentoring and befriending framework that supports development and skills acquisition - and fulfils potential.

Why we’re needed

Put simply, because too many of our young people are in desperate need and nowhere near enough is being done.

Disadvantage among young people in the UK is rife; be that through disabilities and special needs, economic and social circumstance, emotional and mental health issues, those in care or leaving care, those excluded from school or at risk of offending .

What is inclusion really all about?

Its more than we often think. Its about including young people in the future and giving them the hopes and dreams that should be their right but are all too often dashed.

Young people in the UK are all too often “dissed” - disadvantaged, disengaged and disillusioned.

Consequences of this disadvantage include:

  • almost 1 in 5 young people in the UK are unemployed (nearly four times the general rate)

  • the single largest killer of young men in this age group is suicide

  • we have among the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe

  • housing prices and low wages (or no wages) mean many see little prospect of their own place

  • depression, anxiety, self-harm and disengagement (dropping out) are all too common

  • young people are losing hope for the future and giving up on a career or hope of a good job

  • young people having left care make up 60% of the male population and 40% of the female population of those in youth offending institutions

  • young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are among the most multiply disadvantaged groups in our community in terms of employment and educational opportunities, social inclusion, discrimination, bullying, physical and mental health

The reality for too many is a loss of hope and a huge loss of potential for our young people and for our society as a whole.

If we don’t do something quickly it may be too late for many in this generation of young people -

Transitions UK is here to change this so that the question “what is inclusion really all about?” is no longer needed.


We know most websites will claim this, but we really do have an excellent and growing team of people who are working together to change the world for young people. You can find out about them here and you can apply to join them too, where we have vacancies. Check us out!

Join our team

We are a growing charity and that means if you want to be part of the vision and part of the team, its worth checking this page out regularly. We currently need excellent paid staff to fill our current vacancies; we need high calibre Trustees to add to a great Board ; we need reliable and committed volunteers to mentor young people and to support our administration.

If any of those are you, please get in touch.

Our Policies

We have made our key policies available here for information. A full list of policies is available on request.


We have added some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have questions which are not answered here then please get in touch and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Case studies and testimonials

One of the most exciting things for us is the outcomes being achieved by young people through their involvement with Transitions UK. Here are just a few examples - and check out some of the video clips on this website and on our you tube channel too. LINK