for young people leaving care

Attain is our latest project, launched on 1st October 2018. We aim initially to work with around 25 vulnerable young people aged 16-22 years who are leaving care and need support to move on towards independence (including employment, next steps education and life skills) in the Milton Keynes area. We are are working closely with the local authority for referrals. later we aim to roll the project out to Bedford and Northampton areas. Substantial funding for this project came from Lloyds Bank Foundation. Our first young people will join the project either side of Christmas 2018 and we will add one per week with up to three mentors each until we have 25 young people on project, and also receivingaround 6 hours support per week.

How it works

It works by providing the support and care these young people need and have all too often been denied. We work consistently over an 18-month to 2 year period because these young people have all too often been let down by temporary and even unhelpful or damaging relationships.

Phase 1 will be while they are still in care and last for up to 6 months, developing support relationships and life planning and personal development planning

Phase 2 will be after leaving care and for at least a year afterwards, supporting them into employment, accommodation, next steps education and a positive place in the community.

Most of the young people will be 17-19 years of age, but some will be leaving care at around 21-22 yrs, depending upon their needs and situation. .

Young people leaving care have enormous challenges to face and all too often are left to do that alone – just when they need the caring supporting relationships that should be part of family life. The state is statistically a poor parent and young people in care are more likely to offend, to take drugs, to harm themselves and to suffer from depression – including those with special needs.

Young people in this need group are highly vulnerable and struggle with low educational attainment and self-esteem. They are easy prey for exploitative individuals and groups.

The Attain programme works with referrals from carers and care agencies, including fostering agencies and children’s homes to provide the support these young people need to make good choices about work and education, relationships and community – and to give them a better chance to succeed in life.


Where possible, we work with Young People BEFORE they leave their care situation (Phase 1). By providing friendship, support and mentoring, we help each young person move forward towards a happier and more productive future.


If you would like to be involved with the Attain Project as a mentor, a funder or a corporate partner, please contact Vanessa Leroux, Project Manager, on or call her on 07889 560425